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February 27th

A second page as been added to this section to house some music press cuttings.

This site is grateful to Bob Morris for sharing some of his personal collection.

Posters, Tickets, Letters, Flyers, Tour Dates. Tour Info. Newspaper Cuttings. MP3s. PDF files contain interesting stuff. More to come. 

MUSIC (tasters)

Long Long Way To Go



click here for press cuttings on page 2


Two Quid! That's less than a booking fee nowadays

















PDF one   Music Press Cuttings
PDF two   More Music Press Cuttings
PDF three Teenage/Somebody Tour Dates
Try some BC fun  fun Corners quiz

Sounded good Bob, just stay in there & don't make a noise

Website Links

 Davey Woodward


Experimental Pop Band


Hooper (Bob Morris' band)


Penny Black Music

includes some good Davey interviews

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