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But a great addition to this site Drummer Bob as allowed us to share his personal band photos, which you can view to the right.




Many thanks to Brilliant Corners Drummer, Bob Morris, for allowing us to post his private memorabilia collection on this website. It's greatly appreciated Bob.



To see these three photos & plenty more rareties of The Brilliant Corners click here Bob's Photos then click on the four albums that appear on the left of the next screen. Then click over each photo to view the collection



Below are some Fan photos


Winston plucks away oblivious to Bob's balancing on beer crates trick


Could the road crew tune Davey's jumper in please


Davey gets intimate with mic, possibly in Worksop(?)


Watch out Davey, looks like the Devil behind you


Topps Drummer Collectors Cards No1


Chris goes shy


Phil swings his mop


Chris, Bob & Phil     (Manchester Boardwalk dressing room)


Peace with Bob & road crew     (The 5star Boardwalk dressing room again)


Positively Lips    


Davey receives flowers off one of his many admirers    


Short hair


Long hair


Chris gives the cameraman two fingers during soundcheck....


....before rockin' & rollin'


"Come on Bob, count us in"


Davey can't listen to anymore. Meanwhile Winston wonders what chord he's playing......


....That's more like it. The rhythm's back


Trent Poly Nov89 & it looks like Mike Jagger's turned up

Music taster

Brian Rix (Glastonbury 86)



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