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Bob Morris says (March 23, 2013)

"First rehearsal today with the full Brilliant Corners line up, me, Dave, Phil, Boo, Winston and new trumpeter james! Memories and chords came flooding back and the epic sound of the Corners was heard again!! Looking forward to the live shows and hoping some of you will be in the crowd!"


The Brilliant Corners   released a new cd on February 18th 2013 to celebrate the 30th anniversary since the birth of the band. The double cd has an astonishing 48 tracks with many unreleased & live tracks.For the track listing go to the Records page. Available from all the usual online outlets, & probably any of the high street record shops that are left.

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The Brilliant Corners




If anything is inaccurate please let me know. Any other info preferably true or very far fetched is welcome. Especially from band members.





The Brilliant Corners hailed from Bristol & lasted a decade, 1983-93, the pillar to post members being Davey Woodward (singer/guitarist/writer), Chris Galvin (bass) & Bob Morris (drums). Various members helped complete the line-up along the way, most notably being Winston Forbes (guitar) who was there at the start & Dan Pacini (trumpet). The Brilliant Corners initial sound was something-abilly but with so many prefixes given there isn't the space to list them here. 


Davey   Chris  


Their first release was at the start of 1984 a fast, stomping, yawp 'She's Got Fever'. Only 500 pressings were made & the band say they wrecked a lot of them with their D-I-Y not being up to much & some covers getting glued to the actual record. Two more singles followed that year, 'Big Hip' coming out in May, it was in the same vein as the previous release but you had to wait until midway through the song before the beat was cranked up to top gear. 'My Baby In Black' saw the band get bigger, well it was their first record to be released as a 12". Out in October this was to be the last single release for well over a year, but gave a taster that not-so-fast & more melodic songs were to come.


Which 'Growing Up Absurd' a 6 track mini-album was to prove, this was their only release of 1985. Although Dan was missing from this recording, it certainly bridged the gap of the sound of what had been released & the sound of what was to come. The title track was probably the stand out song with it's catchy tune, prominent bass line & Davey's observational lyrics.


   Bob     Winston


The spring of '86 saw the release of 'Fruit Machine' ep, four great tunes which included the 'classic' 'Meet Me On Tuesdays'. The other stand-out track being 'Jim's Room'. The band certainly arrived on the jangle-scene a few months later with their 'What's In A Word' mini-lp. Eight great slices of pop which contained possibly their most famous track 'Brian Rix', or maybe infamous, as it became a weight around the band's neck as they struggled to shrug off the jangle label as their music moved on. It was re-recorded & released as a 7" inch only in aid of Mencap. October saw the release of 'Delilah Sands', another single overflowing with catchy tunes.


By now The Brilliant Corners were one of the main players on the Indie scene & in 1988 they were to release what many claim to be a masterpiece. As a taster, 'Teenage' was released in March just to warn the world what was about to be unleashed. Then in May their first full length album 'Somebody up there Likes Me' hit the shops. Sharing one full wall of Tower Records on Piccadilly Circus with The Sugarcubes latest. A dozen songs full of great tunes & equally as good lyrics, & quite faultless from start to finish. During the Autumn the record for longest song title was attempted with 'Why Do You Have To Go Out With Him When You Could Go Out With Me?'. Also 'Everything I Ever Wanted' lp, a compilation of 'Growing Up Absurd' & 'Fruit Machine' plus two bonus tracks were released.


     Phil     Paul


Seven months of vinyl hunger followed for fans until 'Joyride' was released to quell their famine in May 1989. The sound of guitars was still there but the rhythm section was much more prominent. After the critical acclaim for 'Somebody...' this was a brave decision by The Corners to change their sound. But this seemed to be a theme throughout their existence. Never scared to change a winning formula. Or maybe The Brilliant Corners is the winning formula. The year ended with a tour & a new guitarist. Phil Elvins had joined the band due to Davey breaking his arm. This was no temporary measure as Phil continued to be part of the band. Giving Davey chance to whaff his arms around on stage while singing.


'Love It I Lost It' hit the record shops in March 1990 & as previous releases changed from song to song this seemed to change from verse to verse. This was a stand alone single as if to fill the gap & have a tour before 'Hooked' was released in the Autumn. Hooked was greeted with mixed opinions but what was new there. 'The Pope The Monkey & The Queen' preceded it as a taster, but one of the standout tracks if not the best on the long player must be the acoustic 'Positively Lips'. During it's recording the band were back down to a four-piece as Winston left the band, & Davey having to pick the guitar up again.


'Creamy Stuff' was released the following year, a compilation charting the bands history in A-sides & some B-sides. A great addition to any fans collection who may of missed out on the early limited releases, but the odd classic song from previous LPs wouldn't of been frowned upon if included, or maybe even a couple of unreleased numbers. The band didn't disappoint though & released it's namesake on VHS showing all  promos for the singles (plus a diy shoot for Teenage) & the band being very natural if not the World's most talented presenters in between songs.


As time passed it seemed that The Brilliant Corners had concluded their charity to the DJs turntable. Just the odd mini-tour teased the fans that they were still together. Then in 1993 'A History of White Trash' was released. Paul Sandrone was now part of the gang (replacing Phil) & as well as playing guitar added plenty of backing vocals. The guitar sound was back with a very mature feel. 'I Like It Here' possibly summing up the history of The Brilliant Corners sound. Sounding very old Brilliant Corners in a very new Brilliant Corners way. The author saw the band at The Princess Charlotte the day the Grand National was cancelled never to see them again.


Davey & Chris resurfaced as The Experimental Pop Band in 1995. That band still exist today. But tragically in 1998 Chris was diagnosed with terminal cancer & died on December 22nd of that year.


Seven years pass since The Brilliant Corners last release & it's like stepping back in time. Vinyl Japan release the BBC Sessions of The Brilliant Corners, 20 songs many unreleased dating from 1984 to 1987.


In the spring of 2013 the band released Heart On Your Sleeve a double cd compilation of 48 songs including some unreleased tracks & live numbers to mark 30 years since the band formed. Followed by the announcement fans thought they'd never hear The Brilliant Corners would be returning to the stage. Not touring but to do special one off gigs over a 12 month period, kicking off with the Scared To Get Happy gig in London on June 22nd 2013, where like all the subsequent gigs they were very well & enthusiastically received. IndieTracks, Berlin, Bristol, Madrid, Birmingham, London, Manchester & their finale back in Bristol for the Fanzine two nighter. Davey, Bob, Winston & Phil from first time around took to the stage, complimented by Boo on Bass & James on trumpet.


This site is dedicated to The Brilliant Corners & their music. Although I'd like to particularly dedicate it to the memory of Chris Galvin who along with the other Brilliant Corners gave us some great days out & happy times only for his life to be cut tragically short.










Live Dates


The Chesterfields are playing in Manchester on Saturday February 18th where you'll get a glimpse of Davey's new band 'Karen' playing an acoustic set(see flyer to the left). Only a handful of tickets are left so get over to wegottickets.com/event/380230 if you fancy a late Valentine's night out (£7.70)

Karen play a dreamy atmospheric pop. The sound of melancholia that builds and eventually bursts with ringing guitars

Facebook is the place to hear it all nowadays & the BCs can be found on their new page. Bob & Davey both members, along with close pals of the band. So some intimate hear it before 'someone who thinks they heard it first' does

Davey's myspace 



Chat on the Corner


The forum to talk Brilliant Corners - This chat room is redundant, the Facebook link above is where to head








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